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Wide Field
Open Cluster c1222+263

My first tricolor star image, starcluster c1222 and c2632001
Object : Open Cluster c1222+263 (near Big Dipper)
Date : 2001
Time (UT) : 20:00 ??
Mount : EQ4, motor
Lens/telescope : Nikon 50mm f1.4 (f2.0)
Corrector/Barlow : none
Filter : Red=25, Green=58 and Blue=47B filter
Camera : SpectraSource Instruments HPC-1, CCD 1024x1024
Camera from Stockholm University
Exp. time : red 74x15s, green 74x20s, blue 74x30s, 3x8x8 dark, 3x8 flat+3x8x8 dark.
Small drift under exposures (see the edges) to get rid of those bad pixels, no IR-filter. Photos taken under two separate nights.
Image process tool : Matlab, All image processing done by my own developed Matlab routines.
Processing : resize, level, cal dark. Image color calibrated with G2-stars as references (our sun is a G2-star).
Weather : clouds
Site : Sweden Midsommarkransen 4:th floor
Comment : A lot of galaxies can be seen, those galaxies with a lot of dust is colored purpur because the lack of a blocking Infra red filter, dust radiate in IR.

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