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Wide Field
Constellation Cygnus and the Milky Way

Object : Constellation Cygnus and the Milky Way
Date : 2007-08-25
Time (UT) : 22:16 to 22:45
Lens/telescope : Pentacon 50mm f1.8 (f4.0)
Corrector/Barlow : none
Filter : none
camera : Canon 350D
Film/CCD : Raw iso800
Exp. time : 5x15, 5x60, 5x240 seconds. Controlled from "Shutter Sequencer" as an alternative I could have taken 105x15 seconds exposures, but it had given more noise and less du├Żnamic.
Image process tool : IRIS (advanced free tool)
Processing : bias, dark and flat corrected, HDR (High Dynamic Range), log, blur (for the color)
Weather : Just a few clouds
Site : Sweden Midsommarkransen 4:th floor
Comment : It is fantastic what a digital camera and a computer can do! Sky with light pollutions and it wasn't even free from clouds, the lens is over thirty years old.
It's processed in IRIS and the HDR function is used to stack them together to keep the dynamics. The image field is about 25 by 16 degrees.

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