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Web Camera Moon

Moon by Philips web camera
Object : Moon
Date : 2004-12-20
Time (UT) : 18:20
Mount : EQ4, motor.
You can read on my project pages how I modified this mount to be more stable. It improved the stability a lot.
Lens/telescope : MTO Rubinar 4" 1000 mm f10
Corrector/Barlow : none
Filter : none
camera : Philips ToUcam PRO II 840.
Film/CCD : CCD 640x480
Exp. time : 300x0.004 seconds (drift scan). By letting the mount not tracking the movements I got the camera to scan the moon I got a wider then senor size image of the Moon.
Weather : Clouds with a small opening to my Moon
Site : Sweden Midsommarkransen 4:th floor
Comment : My first web camera image, the camera was an ordinary office web cam. But some one found out that the sensor was of high quality and recommended it for astronomical purpose. I modified it to take raw images, without the debayer process and then got higher quality out from it.

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