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2001 years half Moon

Half Moon
Object : Moon
half phase
Date : 2001 May
Time (UT) : ?
Mount : EQ4, motor
Lens/telescope : MTO Rubinar 4" 1000 mm f10
Corrector/Barlow : Pentax 2x tele extender. This extender is of very old construction, maybe 1960s. It has the Pentax M42 thread which make it very sturdy.
Filter : none
Camera : Spectra Source Instruments HPC-1, CCD 1024x1024
Camera from Stockholm University.
Started to use this camera in the middle of 1990s and it was my introduction to digital photographing. Very expensive at that time.
Exp. time : 0.01 seconds.
Image process tool : Matlab, All image processing done by my own developed Matlab routines.
Processing : resize, level, cal dark, mosaic from four images
Weather :
Site : Sweden Midsommarkransen 4:th floor
Comment : The craters are more easy to see (the shadows) when the moon is in half phase.

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